Automotive Window Tinting in Killeen, TX and Surrounding Areas

Car Window Tinting Killeen

Our team can handle all your window tint needs for your auto, truck, boat, or motorcycle!

If you’re looking to have your car or truck’s windows professionally tinted with the best film in the industry for the best price – then look no further than our automotive window tint business


From offering amazing heat and UV protection, enhancing your vehicles’ appearance and increasing privacy for you and your passengers, window tinting is the most cost effective add-on for your vehicle.


All of our window films carry a manufacturer’s guarantee that will last as long as you own your vehicle. 


Auto window tint is an art. An experienced technician needs to use the latest technology and film to get these results you want, so request your window tinting quote today!

Benefits of Automotive Window Tint

Decreased Heat

With the hot weather we have in Texas, tinted windows can drastically reduce the temperature inside your car. When compared to untreated glass, today’s auto window film can cut down solar energy by up to 82%!

Protect Your Skin

After a complete install of auto window film, it works like sunscreen. The film stops nearly all harmful UV rays from entering your car. This protects you and your passengers from the harmful effects from the sun – which can skin cancer.

Reduced Glare

Sunlight, other car’s headlights, or reflections off glass, water and surrounding buildings can distract you or prevent you from seeing something. In tricky driving situations this could lead to a car accident. Window tint can cut down on glare dramatically and help keep you driving safe!

Protect Your Car or Truck

While we love the sun, it doesn’t help keep our car’s interiors in great condition. The sun and heat can wear fade, crack and damage your car and truck’s dash and upholstery. Tinting your windows will help keep your vehicle in great condition!

We want to do a tint job that’s worthy of you telling all of your friends and family, and you want to bring your next car to our window tint shop again!


The first step is to go through all of our different automative film products so that you can choose the one that’s right for you, your budget, and your vehicle. Our qualified team will cover the benefits of each option so you can make a fully informed decision.


Next, our team will inspect of your vehicle’s cleanliness before it’s pulled into our installation bay. The perfect install is a must. There’s absolutely no room for dust and hair particles to get stuck under the film.


From there, our installation team will and complete a professional installation. We encourage you to do a full inspection of our work before you pay. We want you to be 100% satisfied!


After you pay for your tint job, you’ll receive a receipt, manufactures warranty and care instructions.